Leader Resources

The Boy Scouts of America and the Great Smoky Mountain Council offer numerous resources to simplify the important work of volunteer leaders:

Internet Advancement

Reporting advancement is a requirement of the Boy Scouts of America. Tracking the progress of unit members is made simple with the Activities module in Scoutbook. As of Jan. 1, 2019, Scoutbook subscriptions are free to all Scouting units. Scoutbook is the BSA’s online unit management tool and helps Scouts, parents, and leaders track advancement and milestone achievements along the Scouting trail.


Each year, all units are required to renew their affiliation with Scouting. Districts recharter all units in December. Through the process, chartered organizations, youth member, and adult leader information is updated as well as registration fees and Boy’s Life subscriptions are collected/paid.

A representative of each unit completes the paperwork for renewing a charter online. With Internet Rechartering, units can indicate returning members, add new members, and update information for an individual or the chartered organization.

Journey to Excellence

Journey to Excellence — often referred to as JTE — is a planning, performance, and recognition program designed by the Boy Scouts of America to encourage and reward the success of units, districts, and councils.

JTE measures planning and budgeting, members, program, and leadership areas, ranking units, districts, and councils as bronze, silver, or gold. But JTE is more than a measurement; it is also a comprehensive and valuable planning tool.

Unit Fundraising

Cub Scout Packs, Scout BSA Troops, and Venturing Crews participate in fundraising activities to help offset the cost of Summer Camp and other adventures.


The Fall Fundraiser in the Great Smoky Mountain Council, Scouts sell Popcorn by taking orders from family, friends, and neighbors and selling directly (“show and sell”) at pre-approved locations, like neighborhood grocery stores. Top sellers can earn exciting prizes, and exciting incentives help keep Scouts engaged.

As the parent of a Scout, chances are you’ll end up eating a lot of Popcorn over the winter as well as helping your Scout with transportation, record keeping, and setting up to show and sell.

Click Here for Popcorn Resources

Camp Cards

The Spring Fundraiser in the Great Smoky Mountain Council, Scouts sell Camp Cards. These are “snap apart” discount cards containing various valuable discount offers at local businesses. They are also risk-free for units, which may return unused cards to the council.

Units receive a commission on all sales, and Scouts can earn exciting prizes. Your commitment level will be similar to the popcorn sale.

Click Here for Camp Card Resources

Unit Money-earning Application

If your unit is planning a money-earning project that is not coordinated by the Great Smoky Mountain Council, you must complete an Money-earning Application at least two weeks in advance of the proposed date of the project for approval.

Download the form and guidelines >