Officers & Executive Committee

Council President

David Reynolds

Executive Vice President

C. Scott Taylor

Immediate Past President

W. Logan Hickman, Jr.

Council Commissioner

Chris Manning


Nathan Woods

Assistant Treasurer

Marc Robertson

Assistant Treasurer

Rusty Harmon

VP of Alumni

Ben Pinnell

VP of District Operations

Bill Tribble

VP of Finance

Gabriel Bolas II

VP of Investments

Taylor Wortham

VP of Alumni

Ben Pinnell

VP of Manpower

Buddy Heins

VP of Marketing

Heath Hildreth

VP of Membership

Jonathan Curry

VP of Program

Ken Hood

VP of Properties

Mac McWhorter

VP of Safe Scouting

Tom Strate

VP of Strategic Planning

Jennifer Roche

Council Attorney

George Shields

Scout Executive / CEO

David Williams

National Representatives

Don Dare

David Reynolds (Council President)
Chris Manning (Council Commissioner)

Youth Board Members

John Campbell (VSSOA President)

Hadassah Hall (OA Lodge Chief)

Life Board Members

Frank Akers

Robert Croley

Homer Fisher

Sam Furrow

Dale Keasling

Larry Martin

Larry Mauldin

Bill Sansom

Bill Weigel

District Chairs

Cades Cove

Andy Luttrell


Dr. Marvin Stewart

Eagle Creek

Dr. Cody Miller

Mount Cammerer

Randy Atkins

    Mount     Le Conte

Joe Pearson


Terdell Moore

Executive Board Members

Ben Alford III

AJ Arem

Jim Atchley

Greg Barnett

Josh Birdwell*

Larry Blair

Chuck Blalock

Randy Boyd

David Brace

Barry Brooke+

Dr. Joe Browder+

Robert Carter

Cassius Cash

Mike Cohen+

Brent Crabtree

J. Soni Davidson

Doug Ferguson

David Halstead

John Hildreth+

Dr. Mike Hood

Barron Kennedy III

Michael Kohl

Don Lee

Pete Lloyd+

Jim McCauley

Sean McDermott+

Dr. Donald E. Miller

Jeff Moser+

Don Nalls

Alvin Nance

Dr. Trent Nichols

Angelia Nystrom*

Robert Parish

Dr. Donnie Parker+

Ron Pearman+

Burke Pinnell

Russ Powell

Kevin Proffitt

Butch Quillen+

Joey Rose

Ted Shelton

John Sheridan

Jim Smith+

Dr. Lloyd Smith

Dr. David Stockton

Wes Stowers+

Brian Tapp

Tom Taylor

John Thurman+

Carl Van Hoozier Jr.

Alan VanWhy+

David Verble+

Crawford Wagner

Dick Webber

Dr. Wes White

Dr. Michael Wieting

Dr. Anthony Wise

Aaron Wisener*

John Worden+

*  New for 2024     +  Council Chair