Registration Updates – 2024

Registration Updates:
Promoting Smooth Transitions and Clear Communication

As the council continues to streamline its registration processes and ensure the safety and satisfaction of all its members, the council’s excited to share some important updates regarding registration procedures and membership fees.

  1. New Adult Registrations: The council staff want to extend a warm welcome to all new adult leaders joining the Scouting ranks! Please note that while background checks are being processed, new adults may not immediately serve in their respective units. Rest assured, new adult leaders and Key 3 members will receive an email on the status as soon as the process is complete. Your patience during this time is greatly appreciated. Please remember that background checks can take up to 30 days, depending on the states in which the individual has resided.
  2. Turning 18? Act Swiftly: For Scouts approaching their 18th birthday, it’s essential to register as an adult with Youth Protection Training (YPT) and a cleared background check promptly. Failure to do so within 30 days of turning 18 will result in the expiration of their membership. Let’s ensure a seamless transition into adulthood within the BSA organization!
  3. Membership Price Adjustment: Effective May 1, 2024, there will be a slight adjustment in membership fees. While the joining fee of $25 will be discontinued, the membership fees for both youth and adults will increase by $5. The new rates will be $85 for youth and $65 for adults in a unit. Notably, the fees for Scout’s Life and merit badge counselors will remain unchanged at $15 and $25, respectively.
  4. Unit Settings Check: Council staff kindly ask that a Key 3 member (Top Leader, Committee Chair, or Chartered Representative) visit to review the “organization manager” settings for your unit. These settings now include options for whether the unit or the parent pays for the yearly membership. It’s crucial for units to decide on their preferred approach. Additionally, please ensure your “BeAScout” contact settings are up to date to facilitate effective recruitment efforts.

The council staff appreciate your attention to these updates and your ongoing commitment to the Great Smoky Mountain Council. By working together and staying informed, the council can ensure a smooth and positive experience for all our members.