Virtual Marathon

Spring has sprung, flowers are blooming and warm weather is in the air! There is only one challenge, we are stuck inside! People thrive on exercise and we have a solution for you!

This was very perplexing for us, since this event is a run virtually. At first we thought, let’s have people run a marathon in their living room, but that wouldn’t work. Then it was suggested to run in circles in their backyard, but just the thought of that made us dizzy. Then we had an epiphany, this needs to be a marathon everyone can participate in, not just elite runners. WELCOME to the Virtual ScoutFest 2020 Marathon, where Scouts, Scouters and families of all shapes and sizes can run!

Virtual Marathon


  1. As a participant in the marathon you must look for 26 items that begin with the letter M, these can be in your yard, your neighborhood or your house.  If venturing into your neighborhood remember to practice social distancing.
  2. You must take pictures of each item you find.
  3. When you have “collected” your 26 items that begin with the letter M post your pics to the Virtual ScoutFest 2020 Facebook Event Page.
  4. The most important rule is to HAVE FUN!


Download and print your official Virtual ScoutFest 2020 running bib, and wear during this event.



Register so we can share updates with you and keep a count of who is enjoying this awesome event. It is free with an optional package that includes the official Virtual ScoutFest 2020 patch.


For questions email