High Adventure


The C.O.P.E. Program is a weeklong high adventure program for older Scouts that teaches advanced team-building and problem-solving skills. Scouts learn to function as a team to meet a series of low course and high course COPE elements. Participants should be at least 13 years old and in sound physical condition.

The goal of Project COPE is to build leadership, self esteem, decision making, trust, and teamwork skills by progressing, as a group, through a series of increasingly physically and mentally challenging exercises.

Buck Toms offers one of the finest high ropes courses, a V Swing, and a multi-level climbing tower. When Scouts complete the course, they receive a special COPE T-shirt to let others know they have “Met the Challenge!”

Mountain Biking

In the Mountain Biking program, Scouts will learn safety, maintenance, and riding techniques, as well as learning about Tennessee state laws regarding bicyclists. The rides will be on the camp’s back roads and off road trails. Scouts will need to bring their own bicycle and helmet. A mountain bike in good, working condition is a MUST for participation. Prior cycling experience is also required.

Mountain Man

The Mountain Man high adventure program is a demanding and exciting five-day expedition designed around East Tennessee’s mountains, rivers, caves, and trails. Adventures may include backpacking, caving, whitewater rafting/kayaking/canoeing, rock climbing, rappelling, mountain biking, water sports, shooting sports, and more.

Expeditions are led by seasoned guides, but Scouts cooperate to plan their journey for the week. Mountain Man is open to all Scouts and Scouters at least 13 years of age.